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You must configure human task coordination to see how human task coordination works. Follow the instructions in Configuring Human Task Coordination to enable human task coordination. You can use the Claims Approval Sample to observe how the task coordination works. Deploy the claims approval sample and send some requests to the BPEL process as explained in the Claims Approval Sample topic.

Once the above has been configured, you can try out the sample.

  1. Log in to the Management Console using a user with regionalClerksRole. 
  2. Navigate to the Human Tasks list by clicking List under Human Tasks. You can observe that there are active tasks under this tab.

Task coordination after failing the parent task

  1. Go to task instances page in Home > Manage > Instances > BPEL and terminate the existing task instances of the ClaimsApproval process.
  2. The tasks that have already created should be in EXITED state according to the Human task coordination protocol, since the parent process is terminated and it has no more interest in the created human tasks. It can be observed under the admin tasks tab in the Tasks List by logging in with a user that has regionalManagerRole.

Task coordination after skipping the human task

  1. Send another claims approval request that will create a human task to approve. 
  2. Go to this task by logging in with a regionalManagerRole. 
  3. Navigate to the task found in Home > Human Tasks > List > Admin Tasks
  4. Skip the task by clicking Skip.
  5. Now check the task instance that has requested this human task. It will be in failed state since the human task is skipped.
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