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WSO2 Business Process Server is an enterprise-grade , lean , 100% open source and cloud-enabled middleware product complete with features for efficient business process management, in order to increase productivity, re-energizing businesses and make them more competitive. The WSO2 Business Process Server enables developers to easily deploy business processes written using either BPMN 2.0 standard or WS-BPEL 2.0 standard and also serves as the business process management and hosting environment for your SOA. Powered by the Activiti BPMN Engine 5.21.0 and Apache Orchestration Director Engine (ODE) BPEL engine, the WSO2 Business Process Server comes with a complete web-based graphical management console, enabling users to easily deploy, manage, view and execute processes as well as tasks.

Get started with WSO2 BPS

If you are new to using WSO2 Business Process Server, follow the steps given below to get started:

Get familiar with WSO2 BPS
Understand the basics of the BPS and its architecture.
Quick Start Guide
Download, install and run the BPS in just 10 minutes.
Walk yourself through the most common use-cases of WSO2 BPS.

Deep dive into WSO2 BPS

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