This documentation is for WSO2 CEP 2.1.0. View the home page of the latest release.

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Prior to installing any WSO2 Carbon based product, it is necessary to have the appropriate prerequisite software installed on your system. Verify that the computer has the supported operating system and development platforms before starting the installation.

System Requirements


  • ~ 1 GB
  • A heap size of around 512MB is generally sufficient to process typical SOAP messages
  • Requirements may vary with larger message sizes and on the number of messages processed concurrently


  • ~ 1 GB minimum, excluding space allocated for log files and Databases.

Environment Compatibility

Operating Systems / Databases

  • All WSO2 Carbon-based products are Java applications that can be run on any platform that is Oracle JDK 1.6.*/1.7.* compliant. JDK 1.8 is not supported yet
  • However, WSO2 CEP does not support SunOS 5.10 and IBM AIX, and Linux/Solaris are recommended for a production deployment.
  • All WSO2 Carbon-based products are generally compatible with most-common DBMSs such as MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, H2, DB2, Derby, PostgreSQL.  
  • It is not recommended to use Apache DS in a production environment due to issues with scalability. Instead, it is recommended to use an LDAP like OpenLDAP for user management.
  • For environments that WSO2 products are tested with, see Compatibility of WSO2 Products.

Required Applications

The following applications are required for running the Complex Event Processor or for building from the source code. Mandatory installs are marked with *.





Java SE Development Kit (JDK)

  • To launch the product as each product is a Java application.
  • To build the product from the Source distribution (both JDK and Apache Maven are required).
  • To run Apache Ant.

1.6.x or higher

  • If you are using JDK 1.6, you might need to replace the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) policy files in your JDK with the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy files. This will avoid "illegal key size" errors when you try to invoke a secured Web service.
  • To build the product from the source distribution, you must use JDK 1.6 instead of JDK 1.7.
  • Oracle and IBM JRE 1.7 are supported when running (not building) WSO2 products.

If you are using JDK7 on Mac OS, follow the steps below to install the Snappy-java library: 

  1. Download the Snappy JAR file from here, and extract it to a preferred location. We will refer this extracted folder as <SNAPPY_HOME>.
  2. In <SNAPPY_HOME>/org/xerial/snappy/native/Mac/ folder, you find the Snappy java library files (.jnilib files) as i386 (32bit) and x86_64 (64bit). Copy the appropriate one to <CEP_HOME>.

For more information on installing snappy-java library, see Snappy-java fails on Mac OS JDK 1.7.

Required by all WSO2 products

JMS Provider

To enable the product's JMS transport and try out JMS samples.(preferably WSO2 Message Broker).

2.0.0 or later

CEP supports other JMS providers such as Apache Active MQ & Apache Qpid. If you use any other JMS provider, install any necessary libraries and/or components.

Currently needed to enable the product's  JMS transport.

Apache Maven

To build the product from the source. (both JDK and Apache Maven are required).

2.1.0 or later

Required by all WSO2 products when installing from source

SVN ClientTo checkout WSO2 Carbon source from http: // wso2carbon .

Can be downloaded from:

Required by all WSO2 products

Web Browser

To access the product's Management Console. The Web Browser must be JavaScript enabled to take full advantage of the Management console.

On Windows Server 2003, it is not allowed to go below the medium security level in Internet Explorer 6.x.

Required by all WSO2 products

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