This documentation is for WSO2 CEP 3.0.0. View the home page of the latest release.

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Can Siddhi be used outside WSO2 CEP

Yes, Siddhi is just a Java Library that can be embedded to any system.

Does WSO2 provide support for Esper and Fusion

No, WSO2 only provide support for Siddhi.

Is there a way to trace the events that are coming to the CEP

Yes, there is a way to trace events through the CEP. See CEP Event Tracer.

Does CEP 3.0.0 support JMS queue

Yes, CEP 3.0.0 onwards has support for JMS queue.

Is it possible to write custom Transport Adapters to receive and send events

Yes, see Writing Custom Event Adapters.

What are the processing engines supported by the CEP

CEP only supports for Siddhi processing engine.

Is it possible to write extensions to Siddhi? If yes how

Yes, It is possible to writ extensions to CEP. See Writing Extensions to Siddhi.

What are the ways to send notifications from the CEP

There are two ways to send notifications. They are Email and SMS.

What are the JMS brokers supported by the CEP

CEP supports any JMS brokers. WSO2 have tested with activemq, qpid, JMS and WSO2 Message Broker.

Is it possible to match patterns in Siddhi

Yes, pattern matching is possible in Siddhi. See Patterns.

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