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Email event adapter is an internal event adapter that comes with WSO2 products by default. It can be configured with XML, text, and JSON input mapping types.


Follow the steps below to complete the prerequisites before starting the input adapter configurations.

  1. Enable the mail transport receiver in Axis2 level by uncommenting the following line in <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/axi2/axis2.xml file:
    <transportReceiver name="mailto" class="org.apache.axis2.transport.mail.MailTransportListener"/>
  2. Remove any rich text formatting from the email body. It must contain only plain text. 

Configuring input email event adapter

You can configure the email input event adapter using the management console or using a configuration file.

Configure using the management console

Follow the instructions below to configure input email event adapter using the management console. This deploys the event adapter in the <PRODUCT_HOME>/

repository/deployment/server/inputeventadaptors/ directory.

  1. Log in to product's management console, and click Configure.
  2. Click Input Event Adaptors in the Event Processor Configs menu, and then click Add Input Event Adaptor.
  3. Enter details as shown in the below example.
    create input email event adapter
    Properties of the above configuration are described below. 

    Event Adaptor NameName of the input event adapter
    Event Adaptor TypeType of the input event adapter
    Receiving Mail AddressMail address, where the product used to retrieve the mails
    Receiving Mail ProtocolCan be either POP or IMAP (If you select IMAP, make sure it is enabled in your email account settings)
    Poll IntervalThe time limit, in which the product needs to check for new mails
    Receiving Mail Protocol for POP, and for IMAP
    Receiving Mail Protocol Port995 for POP, and 993 for IMAP
    User NameUsername of the email account
    PasswordUsername of the email account
    Receiving Mail Protocol Port SocketFactory ClassClass of the receiving mail protocol port
    Receiving Mail Protocol SocketFactory FallBackTo enable or disable fallback of the receiving mail protocol class 
  4. Click  Add Event Adaptor.

Configure using a configuration file

Follow the instructions below to configure input email event adapter using a configuration file.

  1. Create an XML file with the following input email event adapter configurations. Input event adaptor implementation must start with <inputEventAdaptor> as the root element.

    <inputEventAdaptor name="emailAdaptor" type="email" xmlns="">
      <property name="mail.protocol.socketFactory.fallback">false</property>
      <property name="transport.mail.Address">[email protected]</property>
      <property name="mail.protocol.password">mailpassword</property>
      <property name=""></property>
      <property name="mail.protocol.port">995</property>
      <property name="mail.protocol.user">wso2cep</property>
      <property name="transport.PollInterval">5</property>
      <property name="transport.mail.Protocol">pop3</property>
      <property name="mail.protocol.socketFactory.class"></property>
  2. Add the XML file to the  <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/inputeventadaptors/ directory. Since hot deployment is enabled, you can simply add/remove files to deploy/undeploy to/from the server.  

After an adapter is successfully added, it gets added to the list of adapters displayed under Event Processor Configs in the Configure menu of the product's management console. Click Edit to change its configuration and redeploy it. This opens an XML-based editor allowing you to edit the event adapter configurations from the UI.  Do your modifications and click Update. You can also delete it, enable/disable statistics or enable/disable tracing on it using the provided options in the UI.

If there is any exception occurred continuously when sending mail, check whether matches with email subject that we send. (For example: If is TestMail then subect of the mail needs to be SOAPAction :urn:TestMail. If the issue still continues, try removing service-meta files in the deployment directory.

Configuring input email event adapter message properties

The configured input event adapters are used in event builders. With input event adapter message properties, event builders are able to extract data from the incoming events to build the event streams. Message properties specific to input event adapters of the email type can be configured as follows.
  1. Log into the CEP Management Console. For detailed instructions, see Running the Product.
  2. Click the Configure tab and then click Event Builders to open the Available Event Builders page.
  3. Click the name of the event builder to which the relevant input event adapter is connected. This opens the Event Builder Details page.

    input email event adapter message properties
    The message properties of an email input event adapter are described below. Change the property values as required.

    Email Service NameFor an email to be processed through this event builder, the subject must be SOAPAction:urn:{Email Service Name}.
    Input Mapping Type The incoming event type to be mapped.
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