This documentation is for WSO2 CEP 3.0.0. View the home page of the latest release.

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An event formatter helps convert the uniform WSO2Event in to different event formats other than WSO2Event, such as XML, Map, JSON and Text. This component is responsible for output mapping.

To create an event formatter via the management console UI, you must have a corresponding event stream definition and an output event adapter added before hand.

This section covers different types of event formatters that CEP supports and how to configure them:

Default Event Formatters

A default event formatter is created every time you select 'Default Event Formatter' when creating the execution plan. This event formatter will be a WSO2Event Event Formatter with custom mapping disabled. The name will be automatically generated according to the name of the stream that is exported by the execution plan as <stream_name>_<version>. e.g. if the stream is named org.wso2.mediation.out, with the version 1.0.0, the event formatter name will be org.wso2.mediation.out_1.0.0

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