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The CEP Event Tracer is an important tool to monitor events. This tool provides the functionality to trace the events that take place in each and every component. Event tracing is disabled for each configuration by default, and therefore, it is required to enable it manually. 


Please note that event tracer is supported only in super tenant mode. Event tracing capabilities are not available in tenant mode.

Enabling/Disabling Event Tracer 

The above example shows how to enable/disable event tracing for an event receiver configuration. Event tracing can be enabled/disabled in the same way for Event Publishers and Execution Plans. However, note that enabling/disabling tracing for a configurations results in the redeployment of that configuration.

Tracing the events

Follow the instructions below to access the Event Tracer.

  1. Start the CEP Management Console. For more information, see Running the Product.
  2. Click the Monitor tab, and then click Event Tracer in the left navigator to open the Event Message Tracer page.

    When event tracing is enabled for the required configurations, incoming events and any changes to events in CEP components are displayed as shown in the example below. You can click Clear All to permanently delete all the event related data.

     You can use the Search parameter to refine the data displayed in the Event Message Tracer page as shown in the example below.
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