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HTTP event receiver is an internal event receiver that comes with WSO2 products which is used to receive events in XML, JSON or Text formats via HTTP, HTTPS, and local transports.

Creating a HTTP event receiver

For instructions on creating a HTTP event receiver, see Configuring Event Receivers.

Configuring global properties

The following global properties can be set for the HTTP event receiver type in the <CEP_HOME>/repository/conf/input-event-adapters.xml file. These properties apply to all the receivers of the HTTP type. If a global property available by default is removed, the default value of the property is considered.

Property KeyDescriptionData TypeDefault Value
minThreadThe minimum number of threads (including idle threads) that should be available in the thread pool at a given time.Integer8
maxThreadThe maximum number of threads (including idle threads) that should be available in the thread pool at a given time.Integer100
keepAliveTimeInMillisThe maximum number of milliseconds that idle threads should be kept alive when the total number of threads in the pool exceeds the number of cores in the machine.Integer20000
jobQueueSizeThe size of the queue that is used to hold events before they are forwarded to the event stream.Integer10000

Configuring adapter properties

Specify the Adapter Properties, when creating a HTTP event receiver using the management console as shown below.

After entering the transport type in adapter properties, select the Event Stream to which you want to map the incoming events, and the Message Format which you want to apply on the receiving events. Also, click Advanced to define custom input mappings based on the Message Format you selected. For more information on custom input mapping types, see Input Mapping Types.

You can also define the respective adapter properties of the event receiver based on the transport type within the <from> element of the event receiver configuration in the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/eventreceivers/ directory as follows.

<eventReceiver name="httpReceiver" statistics="disable" trace="disable" xmlns="">
    <from eventAdapterType="http">
        <property name="transports">https</property>

The above adapter properties are described below.

Adapter propertyDescriptionConfiguration file propertyExample


Transport type via which the events are received.

Related samples

For more information on http event receiver type, see the following samples.

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