WSO2 Complex Event Processor is succeeded by WSO2 Stream Processor. To view the latest documentation for WSO2 SP, see WSO2 Stream Processor Documentation.
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This sample demonstrates how to receive custom incoming WSO2 event objects via the WSO2Event receiver and then map a few attributes with different names. Custom events are events with custom mappings that do not adhere to the default WSO2 Event format. For more information on event formats, see Event Formats. WSO2Event receiver is implemented based on Apache Thrift. This sample does not process the incoming events. A log event publisher is used to log the received events, and to verify the messages.


Set up the prerequisites required for all samples.

Building the sample

Start the WSO2 CEP server with the sample configuration numbered 0008. For instructions, see Starting sample CEP configurations. This sample configuration does the following:

  • Changes the default Axis2 repo from <CEP_HOME>/repository/deployment/server to <CEP_HOME>/samples/cep/artifacts/0008.

  • Creates the event streams and

  • Creates an event receiver named wso2eventReceiver.

  • Creates an event publisher named wso2eventLogger to log the received messages.

Executing the sample

Open a new tab in the CLI and issue the following ant command from the <CEP_HOME>/samples/cep/producers/wso2-event directory.

ant -Dsn=0008

This builds the wso2event client and publishes the events in the <CEP_HOME>/samples/cep/artifacts/0008/org_wso2_event_sensor_stream_1_0_0.csv file to the wso2eventReceiver endpoint. You can view the details of the events that are sent as shown in the log below.

The events received by WSO2 CEP are logged as shown below. 

Note the following in the above log.

  • The events received are being mapped to a new stream named
  • In the event stream, the attribute named sensorName has been dropped. The attributes isPowerEnabled and sensorValue are mapped to two different attributes named isPowerSavingMode and value respectively.
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