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Fully-Distributed, High-Availability BAM Setup - Clustering Guide 4.2.0 - WSO2 Documentation
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The diagram below shows an example of a fully-distributed, high-availability BAM clustered deployment. In this diagram, several data agents pass data to the BAM setup for analysis and summarization. For demonstration purposes, we have used two BAM nodes in this setup but you can extend it to add as many nodes as needed.  

WSO2 BAM has three main components as data gathering, analysis and presentation. Each component is explained in detail in About BAM. We can take each of these components in the two BAM nodes and deploy them in separate clusters as shown in the diagram below:

This setup persists and processes data in a distributed manner achieving high scalability and high availability in data collection, summarization and presentation layers. Follow the steps below to configure this deployment. 

Before you start, note the following:

  • The steps below are for Linux environment
  • This example uses the hostnames of the nodes as node1, node2, node3, node4 and node 5 corresponding to the fully-distributed, high-availability BAM setup diagram above
  • Be sure to configure the host entries in all nodes
  • This example uses Hadoop version 1.0.4
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