This documentation is for older versions of WSO2 products and may not be relevant now. Please see your respective product documentation for clustering details and configurations.
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For information on additional configuration required for clustering other WSO2 products, click that product's link here.

WSO2 provides Hazelcast Community Edition as its default clustering engine. Advanced users can fine-tune Hazelcast by creating a <CARBON_HOME>/repository/conf/ file and adding the relevant Hazelcast properties as described in the Hazelcast Advanced Configuration Properties documentation. If you use Hazelcast Enterprise Edition or Hazelcast Management Center, see the Hazelcast documentation for details on configuring those products.

If you need to provide access to the management node from outside your network so external clients can upload applications and perform other management tasks, you configure the mgt sub-domain in loadbalancer.conf and map the host to the IP address of the ELB. For example, you would add the mgt sub-domain to loadbalancer.conf as follows:

appserver {
  domains{ {
        tenant_range *;
        group_mgt_port 5000;
        mgt {
        worker {

You would then add the port mapping in the /etc/hosts file as follows:

/etc/hosts file
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