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Deployment synchronization can be done using rsync, which is a file copying tool. These changes must be done in the manager node and in the same directory.

  1. Create a file called workers-list.txt that lists all the worker nodes in the deployment. The following is a sample of the file where there are two worker nodes.

    Tip: Different nodes are separated by new lines.

  2. Create a file to synchronize the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/deployment/server folders between the manager and all worker nodes.

    Note: You must create your own SSH key and define it as the pem_file. Alternatively, you can use an existing SSH key. Specify the manager_server_dir depending on the location in your local machine. Change the logs.txt file path and the lock location based on where they are located in your machine.

  3. Create a Cron job that executes the above file every minute for deployment synchronization. Do this by running the following command in your command line.

    Note: You can run the Cron job on one given node (master) at a given time. If you switch it to another node, you must stop the Cron job on the existing node and start a new Cron job on the new node after updating it with the latest files so far.


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