This documentation is for older versions of WSO2 products and may not be relevant now. Please see your respective product documentation for clustering details and configurations.
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The WSO2 ELB is now retired. Please set up your cluster with an alternative load balancer, preferably Nginx Plus. See Setting up a Cluster for more information.

To test the cluster, open the AS management console on the manager node (use the management console URL displayed in the terminal when you started the node), add a web application so that logs will be displayed in the worker terminals, and then observe the cluster messages sent from the manager node to the workers.

The load balancer manages the active and passive states of the worker nodes, activating nodes as needed and leaving the rest in passive mode. To test this, send a request to the endpoint through the load balancer to verify that the request is catered to only on the active worker node(s) while the remaining worker nodes remain passive.

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