This documentation is for older versions of WSO2 products and may not be relevant now. Please see your respective product documentation for clustering details and configurations.
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As enterprises continue to grow in an ever challenging world, their reliance on middleware increases. This leads to organizations deploying middleware products in their production environments. To ensure that the business and its services are continuously available for end users with minimal acceptance for failure, it is necessary to deploy these products in a cluster. WSO2 products are fully open source and are released under Apache Software License Version 2.0one of the most business-friendly licenses available today. WSO2 products can be deployed in various ways to suit your requirements, although for optimal performance, certain minimum deployment patterns must be followed for each product.

You can install multiple instances of WSO2 products in a cluster to ensure that if one instance becomes unavailable or is experiencing high traffic, another instance will seamlessly handle the requests. This guide describes clustering and how to implement it with products that are based on WSO2 Carbon. The guide also includes recommendations and requirements for deployment of WSO2 products. If you run into any issues while clustering, please contact us to get support.

To download a PDF of this document or a selected part of it, click here (only generate one PDF at a time). You can also use this link to export to HTML or XML.


Introduces clustering concepts and includes configuration instructions on how to cluster WSO2 Products.


Deployment Guidelines

Instructions to download, install, run and get started quickly with WSO2 products, along with recommendations and guidelines to follow.


Configuring Dep Sync

A step-by-step guide on configuring the deployment synchronizer.  

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