This documentation is for WSO2 Carbon 4.4.3. View documentation for the latest release.
TCP Transport - Carbon 4.4.3 - WSO2 Documentation
Due to a known issue do not use JDK1.8.0_151 with WSO2 products. Use JDK 1.8.0_144 until JDK 1.8.0_162-ea is released.
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The TCP transport implementation is in the Apache WS-Commons Transports project. The two classes that act as the transport listener and the sender are org.apache.axis2.transport.tcp.TCPServer and org.apache.axis2.transport.tcp.TCPTransportSender respectively. In order to use the transport axis2-transport-tcp.jar should be added to the Carbon classpath.

Transport receiver parameters

Parameter Name



Possible Values

Default Value


The port on which the TCP server should listen for incoming messages


A positive integer less than 65535



The host name of the server to be displayed in WSDLs etc


A valid host name or an IP address


Transport sender parameters

The TCP transport sender does not accept any configuration parameters as of now.

To enable the TCP transport for samples, simply open the repository/conf/axis2.xml file in a text editor and add the following transport receiver configuration and sender configuration. TCP transport module is shipped with WSO2 ESB by default.

<transportReceiver name="tcp">
    <parameter name="transport.tcp.port">6060</parameter>

<transportSender name="tcp"/>

If you wish to use the sample Axis2 client to send TCP messages, you have to remove the comment of the TCP transport sender configuration in the following file:


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