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Welcome to WSO2 Carbon 5.0.0 Documentation! WSO2 Carbon is the Kernel of all WSO2 products. The award-winning, light-weight, service-oriented platform for all WSO2 products is built on top of Carbon Kernel. It is 100% open source and is delivered under Apache License 2.0.

Following are the key sections in the documentation that you should read to get up and running with WSO2 Carbon. You can also browse the topics in the table of contents or search for a specific term or phrase. To export this documentation or a selected portion of it, click Browse at the top of this screen, click Advanced, and then click one of the export options. To print the documentation, export to PDF  and then use the PDF print options.

WSO2 Carbon Kernel

The topics in this section introduce the WSO2 Carbon Kernel, including its features and architecture.

Getting Started

This section will guide you on how to start a Carbon product by setting up the environment and running the product console.

Developer Guide

The topics in this section will provide in-depth details on Carbon features and help developers get started with development.

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