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Event Statistics is an important feature which helps monitoring purposes of events. This presents realtime requests and responses vs time for all the incoming and outgoing Topics of the CEP/DAS. You can use this visualization to get an idea about system throughput, input frequency and to check whether the inputs are received or outputs are published. By default, event statistics are disabled in the CEP/DAS to avoid over-head of unnecessary processing of events.

Enabling/Disabling Event Statistics 

Even though the Event Statistics feature is enabled in the product, it is not activated by itself. You need to activate event statistics for each and every configuration that you want since monitoring event statistics takes a considerable amount of processing overhead. Change the <StatisticsReporterDisabled> property to false in the <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/conf/carbon.xml file, to enable event statistics tracing in the product server.  

You can enable or disable event statistics for event receivers and event publishers. For an example, follow the steps below to enable event statistics tracing on a event publisher.

Any change in the event statistics status (enable or disable) leads to a redeployment of the necessary configuration. 

  1. Log in to the product management console using admin/admin credentials.
  2. Click Main, and then click Publishers.
  3. Click the Enable Statistics option of the corresponding publisher, on which you want to enable tracing as shown below.
    enable statistics tracing

Monitoring Event Statistics

Follow the instructions below to access the Event Tracer.

  1. Log in to the product management console using admin/admin credentials.
  2. Click Monitor, and then click Event Statistics.
    If you enabled event statistics for all the configurations (event receivers and event publishers), then you view a window like below. 
    statistics of all configurations
    If you send events to the product, then you can get the details of actual statistics details. Then, you view a similar window as shown in the example below.

    statistics of a specific event publisher

    You can further analyse statistics regarding the requests and responses in each configuration in realtime as shown above.

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