The latest version for DAS is WSO2 Data Analytics Server 3.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
WSO2 Data Analytics Server is succeeded by WSO2 Stream Processor. To view the latest documentation for WSO2 SP, see WSO2 Stream Processor Documentation.

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Analytics JavaScript API exposes WSO2 DAS analytics functionalities as JavaScript functions. You can use this JavaScript API in your Web apps to perform analytics operations when creating Web apps or Dashboard gadgets. You can find the JavaScript API in the <DAS_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/portal/js carbon-analytics.js file. This can be exposed as follows: <DAS_URL>:<DAS_PORT>/portal/js/carbon-analytics.js

Creating the analytics client for the JS API

You need to first create a client to use the JavaScript API. Create an instance of the AnalyticsClient module as follows. 

  1.  Import jquery.js and carbon-analytics.js.
  2. Create the connection object with the following details.

    var username = "admin";
    var password = "admin";
    var server_url = "https://localhost:9443/portal/apis/analytics";
    var client = new AnalyticsClient().init(username, password, server_url);

Currently due to a limitation, client applications should be deployed in the same domain as the Dashboard server. i.e - DAS_HOME/repository/deployment/server/webapps

Success callback function and error callback functions of the JS API

All methods of the Analytics JS API have a success function and an error function as callbacks representing successful invocations and erroneous invocations. Success callback has one argument which will contain the response it returns if the invocation is successful. It represents a JSON String of the following format.

  "status" : <RESPONSE_STATUS>,

Error callback has one argument which will contain an error message if the invocation is failed. Its JSON representation is as follows.

  "status" : <RESPONSE_STATUS>,
  "message" : <ERROR_MESSAGE>

The methods exposed by the Analytics JavaScript API are as follows.

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