The latest version for DAS is WSO2 Data Analytics Server 3.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
WSO2 Data Analytics Server is succeeded by WSO2 Stream Processor. To view the latest documentation for WSO2 SP, see WSO2 Stream Processor Documentation.

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WSO2 DAS Server is configured via localhost. When in a production environment or if you wish to make WSO2 DAS Server IP based instead of localhost, you need to configure it accordingly. The following steps explain how to configure the WSO2 DAS server with the IP.

In a clustered deployment, the following steps need to be carried out for each node.

  1. Open the <DAS_HOME>/repository/conf/carbon.xml file and configure the <HostName> and <MgtHostName> attributes with the {DAS_SERVER_HOSTNAME}.

  2. Open the <DAS_HOME/repository/conf/axis2/axis2.xml file, and enter the {DAS_SERVER_HOSTNAME} as the value for localMemberHost parameter as shown below.

    <parameter name="localMemberHost">{DAS_SERVER_HOSTNAME}</parameter>
  3. Open  <DAS_HOME/repository/conf/event-processor.xml file and do the following updates. For more information about these configurations, see The Clustering Guide - Minimum High Availability Deployment for DAS 3.1.0 .
    1. In the <!-- Distributed Mode Config → section => <nodeType> element => <manager> sub-element, change the hostName to {DAS_SERVER_HOSTNAME} as shown below.

      <manager enable="true">
    2. In the <!-- Distributed Mode Config → section => <management> element => <manager> sub-elements, change the hostName to {DAS_SERVER_HOSTNAME} as shown below.

    3. If the DAS node that you are configuring is a presenter node in a clustered setup, change the hostName to {DAS_SERVER_HOSTNAME} under the  <!-- Distributed Mode Config → section => <nodeType> element => <presenter> sub-element as shown below.

       <presenter enable="false">
  4. If the physical DAS server has multiple network interfaces with different IPs, open either the <DAS_HOME>/bin/ file (for Linux) or <DAS_HOME>/bin/load-spark-env-vars.bat file (for Windows), and add the following parameter to configure the Spark IP address. This results in Spark using the specified IP.

    export  SPARK_LOCAL_IP=<IP_Address>
  5. Once the above steps are carried out, restart the DAS server.
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