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Math extension provides basic mathematical functions such as calculating absolute value, sin, cos, tan, base conversion, parsing, etc. Following are the functions of the Math extension. 

Absolute Value function

Syntax<double> math:abs(<float|double> p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the absolute value of  p1 . This function wraps the java.lang.Math.abs() function.

Both the following queries return 3 since the absolute value of both 3 and -3 is 3.

  • abs(3)
  • abs(-3)

acos  function

Syntax<double> math: acos(<float|double> p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionIf -1 <= p1 <= 1, this function returns the arc-cosine (inverse cosine) of p1. If not, it returns NULL. The return value is in radian scale. This function wraps the java.lang.Math.acos()function.
Exampleacos(0.5) returns 1.0471975511965979.


asin function

Syntax<double> math: asin (<float|double>  p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionIf -1 <= p1 <= 1, this function returns the arc-sin (inverse sine) of  p1 . If not, it returns NULL. The return value is in radian scale. This function wraps the java.lang.Math.asin() function.
Exampleasin(0.5) returns 0.5235987755982989.


atan function

Syntax<double> math: atan(<int|long|float|double> p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the arc-tangent (inverse tangent) of p1. The return value is in radian scale. This function wraps the java.lang.Math.atan() function.
Examplesatan(6d) returns 1.4056476493802699.
Syntax<double> math: atan (<int|long|float|double> p1, <int|long|float|double> p2)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the arc-tangent (inverse tangent) of   p1  and  p2  coordinates. The return value is in radian scale. This function wraps the java.lang.Math.atan2() function.
Examplesatan(12d, 5d) returns 1.1760052070951352.


Binary function

Syntax<string>  math: bin(<int|long> p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns a string representation of the integer/long p1 argument as an unsigned integer in base 2. This function wraps the java.lang.Integer.toBinaryString andjava.lang.Long.toBinaryString methods.
Examples bin(9) returns "1001".


Ceiling function

Syntax<double>  math: ceil(<float|double> p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the smallest (closest to negative infinity) double value that is greater than or equal to the p1 argument, and is equal to a mathematical integer. This function wraps thejava.lang.Math.ceil() method.
Exampleceil(423.187d) returns 424.0.


Convert function

Syntax<string>  math: conv(<string> a, <int> fromBase, <int> toBase)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionConverts  a  from the  fromBase  base to the  toBase  base.
Exampleconv("7f", 16, 10) returns "127".


CopySign function

Syntax<double>  math: copySign(<int|long|float|double> magnitude, <int|long|float|double> sign)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the magnitude of  magnitude  with the sign of  sign  . This function wraps the java.lang.Math.copySign() function.
ExamplecopySign(5.6d, -3.0d) returns -5.6.


cos function

Syntax<double>  math: cos(<int|long|float|double> p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the cosine of  p1  ( p1  is in radians). This function wraps the java.lang.Math.cos() function.
Examplecos(6d) returns 0.9601702866503661.


cosh function

Syntax<double>  math: cosh(<int|long|float|double> p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the hyperbolic cosine of  p1  ( p1  is in radians). This function wraps the java.lang.Math.cosh() function.
Examplecosh (6d) returns 201.7156361224559.


Cube Root function

Syntax<double>  math: cbrt(<int|long|float|double> p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the cube-root of  p1  ( p1  is in radians). This function wraps the java.lang.Math.cbrt() function.
Examplecbrt(17d) returns 2.5712815906582356.


e function

Syntax<double>  math: e()
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the java.lang.Math.E constant, which is the closest double value to  e  (which is the base of the natural logarithms).
Examplee() returns 2.7182818284590452354.


Exponential function

Syntax<double>  math: exp(<int|long|float|double> p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns Euler's number  e  raised to the power of  p1 . This function wraps the  java.lang.Math.exp()  function.
Exampleexp(10.23) returns 27722.51006805505.

Floor function

Syntax<double>  math: floor(<int|long|float|double> p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionThis function wraps the java.lang.Math.floor() function that returns the largest (closest to positive infinity) value that is less that or equal to  p1 , and is equal to a mathematical integer.
Examplefloor(10.23) returns 10.0.


Get Exponent function

Syntax<double>  math: getExponent(<int|long|float|double>  p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the unbiased exponent used in the representation of  p1 . This function wraps the java.lang.Math.getExponent() function.
ExamplegetExponent(60984.1) returns 15.


Hexadecimal function

Syntax<string>  math: hex(<int|long|float|double> p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionThis function wraps the java.lang.Double.toHexString() function that returns a hexadecimal string representation of  p1 .
Examplehex(200) returns "c8".


Is Infinite function

Syntax<boolean>  math: isInfinite(<float|double>  p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionThis function wraps the java.lang.Float.isInfinite() and java.lang.Double.isInfinite() functions that return true if  p1  is infinitely large in magnitude, or return  false otherwise.
ExampleisInfinite(java.lang.Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY) returns true.


Is Not A Number function 

Syntax< boolean>  math: isNan(<float|double>  p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionThis function wraps the java.lang.Float.isNaN() and java.lang.Double.isNaN() functions that return true if  p1  is a NaN (Not-a-Number) value, or return false otherwise.
ExampleisNan(java.lang.Math.log(-12d)) returns true.


ln function

Syntax<double> math: ln (< int|long|float|double > p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the natural logarithm (base e) of  p1 .
Exampleln(11.453) returns 2.438251704415579.


log2 function

Syntax<double> math: log2 (< int|long|float|double >  p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the base 2 logarithm of  p1 .
Examplelog2(91d) returns 6.507794640198696.


log10 function

Syntax<double> math: log10 ( < int|long|float|double >  p1 )
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the base 10 logarithm of p1.
Examplelog10(19.234) returns 1.2840696117100832.


log function

Syntax<double> math: log (< int|long|float|double >  number, < int|long|float|double >  base )
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the logarithm (base=base) of  number .
Examplelog(34, 2f) returns 5.08746284125034.


Max function

Syntax<double> math: max (< int|long|float|double >  p1,  <int|long|float|double>   p2 )
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the greater value out of  p1  and  p2 .
Examplemax(123.67d, 91) returns 123.67.


Min function

Syntax<double> math: min (< int|long|float|double >  p1,  <int|long|float|double>   p2 )
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the smaller value out of  p1  and  p2 .
Examplemin(123.67d, 91) returns 91.


Octal function

Syntax<string> math: oct (<int|long>  p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionConverts  p1  to octal.
Exampleoct(99l) returns "143".


Parse Double function

Syntax<double> math: parseDouble (<string>  str)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns str as a double.
ExampleparseDouble("123") returns 123.0.


Parse Float function

Syntax<float> math: parseFloat (<string>  str)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns str as a float.
ExampleparseFloat("123") returns 123.0.


Parse Int function

Syntax<int> math: parseInt (<string>  str)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns str as an int.
ExampleparseInt("123") returns 123.


Parse Long function

Syntax<long> math: parseLong (<string>  str)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns str as a long.
ExampleparseLong("123") returns 123.


Percentile function

Syntax<double> math: percentile  (<int|long|float|double>  arg ,  <double>  p )
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the pth percentile value of the arg values. 

from inputStream#window.length(100)

select math:percentile(temperature, 97.0) as percentile

insert into outputStream;

returns 97th percentile value of last 100 temperature values. 


pi function

Syntax<double> math: pi ( )
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the java.lang.Math.PI constant, which is the closest value to pi (i.e. the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter). 
Examplepi() always returns 3.141592653589793.


Power function

Syntax<double> math: power ( < int|long|float|double>  value,  <int|long|float|double>   toPower )
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns value raised to the power of toPower.
Examplepower(5.6d, 3.0d) returns 175.61599999999996.


Random function

Syntax<double> math: rand ( )
Extension TypeFunction
Description A sequence of calls to rand() generates a stream of pseudo-random numbers. This function uses the java.util.Random class internally.
ExampleTwo sequential calls to rand() may return 0.8263929447650588 and 0.24425883860361197 respectively.
Syntax<double> math: rand (< int|long >  seed)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionA sequence of calls to rand(seed) generates a stream of pseudo-random numbers. This function uses the java.util.Random class internally. 
ExampleTwo sequential calls to rand(12) may return 0.7298928061101974 and 0.2750691655200749, respectively.


Round function


<int> math: round (<float> value )

Extension TypeFuncion
DescriptionReturns the closest integer value to the argument.
Exampleround(3.35) returns 3.
Syntax<long> math: round (<double> value )
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the closest long value to the argument.
Exampleround(3252.353) returns 3252.


Sign of Number function

Syntax<int> math: signum (< int|long|float|double >  p1)
Extension TypeFunction
  • If a is a positive, this returns the sign of  p1  as 1.0.
  • If a is a negative, this returns the sign of  p1  as -1.0.
  • If a is neither a positive or a negative, this returns the sign of  p1  as 0.0.

This function wraps the java.lang.Math.signum() function.

Examplesignum(-6.32d) returns -1.


sin function

Syntax<double> math: sin (< int|long|float|double >  p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the sine of  p1  ( p1  is in radians). This function wraps the java.lang.Math.sin() function.
Examplesin(6d) returns -0.27941549819892586.


sinh function

Syntax<double> math: sinh (< int|long|float|double >  p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the hyperbolic sine of  p1  ( p1  is in radians). This function wraps the java.lang.Math.sinh() function. 
Examplesinh(6d) returns 201.71315737027922.


Square Root function

Syntax<double> math: sqrt (< int|long|float|double >  p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the square-root of  p1 . This function wraps the java.lang.Math.sqrt() function. 
Examplesqrt(4d) returns 2.


tan  function

Syntax<double> math: tan (< int|long|float|double >  p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the tan of  p1  ( p1  is in radians). This function wraps the java.lang.Math.tan() function. 
Exampletan(6d) returns -0.29100619138474915.


tanh function

Syntax<double> math: tanh (<int|long|float|double>  p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionReturns the hyperbolic tangent of  p1  ( p1  is in radians). This function wraps the java.lang.Math.tanh() function. 
Exampletanh(6d) returns 0.9999877116507956.


To Degrees function

Syntax<double> math: toDegrees (< int|long|float|double >  p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionConverts  p1  from radians to degrees. This function wraps the java.lang.Math.toDegrees() function.
ExampletoDegrees(6d) returns 343.77467707849394.


To Radians function

Syntax<double> math: toRadians (< int|long|float|double >  p1)
Extension TypeFunction
DescriptionConverts  p1  from degrees to radians. This function wraps the java.lang.Math.toRadians() function.
ExampletoRadians(6d) returns 0.10471975511965977.
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