The latest version for DAS is WSO2 Data Analytics Server 3.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
WSO2 Data Analytics Server is succeeded by WSO2 Stream Processor. To view the latest documentation for WSO2 SP, see WSO2 Stream Processor Documentation.

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WSO2 DAS samples explain different use cases of the product using sample clients (producers and consumers). The general flow of all samples is as follows.

  1. Each sample starts WSO2 DAS with a different configuration.
  2. After WSO2 DAS starts, the sample producers send different types of events to the DAS over different transports.
  3. The DAS receives these events and processes them.
  4. Finally it pushes different types of notification events based on the processed data to the sample consumers over different transports.

This section includes a set of real time samples, demonstrating use cases of WSO2 DAS.

The following table summarizes the producer/consumer clients and the mapping types of each WSO2 DAS sample. For instructions to set up the samples, see  Setting Up Real Time Samples .

Samples on receiving events

Sample no.DescriptionProducer (publish topic)Event receiver typeReceiver message formatEvent publisher typePublisher message formatConsumer (subscription topic)
0001Receiving JSON events via HTTP transport.httpHTTPJSONloggertextNone
0002Receiving custom JSON events via HTTP transport.httpHTTPJSON (custom)loggertextNone
0003Receiving XML events via HTTP transport.httpHTTPXMLloggertextNone
0004Receiving custom XML events via HTTP transport.httpHTTPXML (custom)loggertextNone
0005Receiving text events via HTTP transport.httpHTTPtextloggertextNone
0006Receiving custom text events via HTTP transport.httpHTTPtext (custom)loggertextNone
0007Receiving WSO2 events via WSO2 Event Receiver.wso2eventWSO2EventWSO2EventloggertextNone
0008Receiving custom WSO2 events via WSO2 Event Receiver.wso2eventWSO2EventWSO2Event (custom) loggertextNone
0009Receiving map events via JMS transport - ActiveMQ.jmsJMS (Active MQ)maploggertextNone
0010Receiving custom map events via JMS transport - ActiveMQ.jmsJMS (Active MQ)map (custom)loggertextNone
0011Receiving JSON, text, XML events via JMS transport - ActiveMQ.jmsJMS (Active MQ)JSON/text/XMLloggertextNone
0012Receiving map, XM events via JMS transport - QpidjmsJMS (Qpid)map/XMLloggertextNone
0013Receiving map, text events via JMS transport - WSO2 Message Broker.jmsJMS (WSO2 MB)map/textloggertextNone
0014Receiving XML events via SOAP transport.soapSOAPXMLloggertextNone
0015Receiving text events via Email transport.NoneEmailtextloggertextNone
0016Receiving JSON events via MQTT transport.mqttMQTTJSONloggertextNone
0017Receiving custom text events via file tail transport.filefile-tailtext (custom)loggertextNone
0018Receiving JSON events via Kafka transport.kafkakafkaJSONloggertextNone
0019Receiving JSON events via WebSocket transport.websocketwebsocketJSONloggertextNone
0020Simple JSON pass-through with WebSocket local input event adaptor.NoneWebSocket localJSONloggertextNone
0021Receiving map events via JMS transport - ActiveMQ (For Queue)jmsJMS (ActiveMQ)maploggertextNone
0022Receiving custom RegEx events via text events via file tail transport.filefile-tailtext (custom)loggertextNone

Samples on processing events

Sample no.DescriptionProducer (publish topic)Event receiver typeReceiver message formatEvent publisher typePublisher message formatConsumer (subscription topic)
0101Pass-through/projection query in an execution plan.wso2-eventWSO2EventWSO2EventloggertextNone
0102Projections, transformations and enrichment for events.None(Event Simulator)NoneloggertextNone
0103Using filters for generating alerts.None(Event Simulator)NoneloggertextNone
0104Calculations over time using windows.None(Event Simulator)NoneloggertextNone
0105Performing joins with windows.None(Event Simulator)NoneloggertextNone
0106Using in-memory event tables.None(Event Simulator)NoneloggertextNone
0107Using RDBMS event tables.None(Event Simulator)NoneloggertextNone
0108Using patterns to detect ATM transaction frauds.None(Event Simulator)NoneloggertextNone
0109Detecting trends with sequences.None(Event Simulator)NoneloggertextNone
0110Sequences with partitioning to detect trends.None(Event Simulator)NoneloggertextNone
0111Detecting non-occurrences with patterns.httpHTTPtextloggertextNone
0112Analyzing Twitter feeds using partitions.wso2-eventWSO2EventWSO2EventloggerJSONNone
0113Limiting the output rate of an event stream.httpHTTPXMLloggertextNone
0114Using external time windows.wso2-eventWSO2EventWSO2EventloggertextNone
0115Quartz scheduler based alerts.httpHTTPXMLloggerJSONNone
0116Performing linear regression.None(Event Simulator)NoneloggertextNone
0117Filtering and outputting to multiple streams.filefile-tailtextloggertextNone
0118Using Hazlecast event tables.None(Event Simulator)NoneloggertextNone
0119Trigger events at defined time intervals.None(Event Simulator)NoneloggertextNone
0301Network intruder detection with PMML extension predictions.None(Event Simulator)NoneloggertextNone
0501Processing a simple filter query with Apache Storm Deployment.wso2-eventWSO2EventWSO2EventWSO2EventWSO2Eventwso2-event
0502Processing a window state over server restart.httpHTTPXMLloggertextNone
0503Processing a window query in high availability mode.httpHTTPXMLloggertextNone
0504Processing a distributed Siddhi query with partitioning by integrating with Apache Storm.wso2-eventWSO2EventWSO2EventloggertextNone
1001WSO2 DAS Geo Dashboard.httpHTTPJSONwebsocket-localJSONNone

Samples on publishing events

Sample no.DescriptionProducer (publish topic)Event receiver typeReceiver message formatEvent publisher typePublisher message formatConsumer (subscription topic)
0051Publishing JSON events via logger transport.NoneNoneNoneloggerJSONNone
0052Publishing custom JSON events via logger transport.NoneNoneNoneloggerJSON (custom)None
0053Publishing XML events via logger transport.NoneNoneNoneloggerXMLNone
0054Publishing custom XML events via logger transport.NoneNoneNoneloggerXML (custom)None
0055Publishing text events via logger transport.NoneNoneNoneloggertextNone
0056Publishing custom text events via logger transport.NoneNoneNoneloggertext (custom)None
0057Publishing WSO2 events via WSO2Event transport.NoneNoneNoneWSO2EventWSO2Eventwso2-event
0058Publishing custom WSO2 events via WSO2Event transport.NoneNoneNoneWSO2EventWSO2Event (custom)wso2-event
0059Publishing map and text events via JMS transport - ActiveMQ.NoneNoneNoneJMS (ActiveMQ)map/textjms
0060Publishing custom map and JSON events via JMS transport - Qpid.NoneNoneNoneJMS (Qpid)map (custom)/JSON (custom)jms
0061Publishing map and XML events via JMS transport - WSO2 MB.NoneNoneNoneJMS (WSO2 MB)map/XMLjms
0062Publishing XML, JSON and custom text events via HTTP transport.NoneNoneNoneHTTPJSON/text (custom)/XMLgeneric-log-service
0063Publishing XML events via SOAP transport.NoneNoneNoneSOAPXMLaxis2-log-service
0064Publishing text events via Email transport.NoneNoneNoneemailtext 
0065Publishing JSON events via SMS transport.NoneNoneNoneSMSJSONSMSC Simulator
0066Publishing JSON events via MQTT transport.NoneNoneNoneMQTTJSONmqtt
0067Publishing map events via Cassandra transport.NoneNoneNoneCassandramap 
0068Publishing XML events via Kafka transport.NoneNoneNoneKafkaXML 
0069Publishing JSON events via WebSocket transport.NoneNoneNoneWebsocketJSONwebsocket
0070Publishing JSON events via WebSocket local output event adapter.NoneNoneNoneWebSocket localJSON 
0071Publishing WSO2Event events via UI transport.NoneNoneNoneUIWSO2Event 
0072Publishing map events via RDBMS transport.login-infoWSO2EventWSO2EventRDBMSmap 
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