WSO2 Data Analytics Server is succeeded by WSO2 Stream Processor. To view the latest documentation for WSO2 SP, see WSO2 Stream Processor Documentation.

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Following are the ports which WSO2 DAS specifically uses.

All the below port numbers are subject to any port offset you applied.

Ports used for event receivers

WSO2 DAS uses the following thrift ports to receive data by default.

  • 7711 - Thrift SSL port for secure transport, where the client is authenticated to use WSO2 DAS.
  • 7611 - Thrift TCP port where WSO2 DAS receives events from clients.

However, the port used for each event receiver depends on the transport used to receive events. For more information on the port relevant for each receiver type, see Configuring Event Receivers.

Ports used in a clustered deployment

The following ports are used when WSO2 DAS is deployed in a clustered setup.

  • 10005 - The management port where each node shares its state with the other nodes in a high availability deployment.
  • 11000 - The port at which the presenter node listens to events in a high availability deployment.
  • 11224 - The port used by an active node to send events to the other active nodes is a high availability deployment.

Ports used by the Spark Analytics Engine

The Spark Analytics engine is used in 3 separate modes in WSO2 DAS as follows.

  • Local mode
  • Cluster mode
  • Client mode

Default port configurations for these modes, are as follows.

For more information on these ports, go to Apache Spark Documentation.

Ports available for all modes

The ports that are available for all the above 3 modes are listed below.

DescriptionPort number
spark.ui.port 4040
spark.history.ui.port 18080
spark.blockManager.port 12000
spark.broadcast.port 12500
spark.driver.port 13000
spark.executor.port 13500
spark.fileserver.port 14000
spark.replClassServer.port 14500

Ports available for the cluster mode

The ports that are available only for the cluster mode are listed below.

DescriptionPort number
spark.master.port 7077 6066
spark.master.webui.port 8081
spark.worker.port 11000
spark.worker.webui.port 11500

In addition, one or more ports in the 1200x range need to opened for communication between WSO2 DAS nodes based on the number of cores allocated for Spark.

When WSO2 DAS uses Apache Spark for batch processing, the processing is carried out by executors. Each time a new core is added for Spark, a new port in the 1200x range is needed to run the executor created for it.

e.g., When 1 core is allocated in a clustered deployment, one executor is run in each node. In the Spark master node, the port 12000 is used to run the Spark driver. Therefore, port 12001 met be opened to run the executor. However, the executor in  Spark worker node can be run on port 12000. If you add the 2nd core, you need to open port 12002 to run the 2nd executor for the Spark master.

For a complete set of information on port configurations of WSO2 DAS and related WSO2 products, see Default Ports of WSO2 Products.

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