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What is in this release

WSO2 Dockerfiles version 1.2.0 is the successor to version 1.1.0. This release includes the following features.

  • A consistent set of Dockerfiles with recommended best practices for the following WSO2 Products.
    • WSO2 API Manager
    • WSO2 Application Server
    • WSO2 Business Process Server
    • WSO2 Business Rules Server
    • WSO2 Complex Event Processor
    • WSO2 Data Analytics Server
    • WSO2 Data Services Server
    • WSO2 Enterprise Store
    • WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus
    • WSO2 Governance Registry
    • WSO2 Identity Server
    • WSO2 Message Broker
    • WSO2 Identity Server as Key Manager
    • WSO2 Governance Registry Publisher and Store
  • Helper scripts to build Docker images, and start and stop containers.

  • Extension points for users to plug in custom provisioning mechanisms to configure products prior to building the images.

  • Default and Puppet based provisioning methods included as references for developing custom provisioning methods.

What has changed in this release

  • Created a WSO2 base image with the common packages installed.
  • Validated the profile and platform before building the Docker image.
  • Added an SVN Docker image.
  • Changed all ENTRYPOINTs in all Dockerfiles to use the exec form.
  • Added a script to push the Docker images to a specified registry.
  • Added the wso2cep init extension scripts.
  • Included the net-tools package into the wso2base image.
  • Added debug support for WSO2 servers.
  • Replaced localMemberPort with dynamic proxy port for the Mesos platform.
  • Added the platform name as a postfix to the Docker image name.

Fixed issues

For a complete list of fixed issues, see WSO2 Dockerfiles - Fixed Issues.

Known issues

This release includes several known issues.

For a complete list of known issues, see WSO2 Dockerfiles - Open Issues.

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