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The Docker images for WSO2 products are designed as quick starting images that involve minimal configuration after the Container is started. The Docker images are built using the WSO2 product Dockerfile, WSO2 product pack, and the JDK distribution. The WSO2 products can be configured using provisioning methods when building the Docker images and the wso2/dockerfiles includes default and Puppet provisioning methods.  The ENTRYPOINT of the images start the relevant WSO2 server by executing the following command:  wso2server.sh
Furthermore, WSO2 Dockerfiles are released under  Apache Software License Version 2.0, one of the most business-friendly licenses available today.

The product Dockerfiles carry out the following actions when building the respective images (e.g., Dockerfile for WSO2 ESB).

  1. Defines the Docker build ARGS and expose them as environment variables.

    Environment VariableExample Value
  2. Copies the scripts needed to configure and start the Docker containers.
  3. Runs the image configuration script. 
  4. Defines the USER and WORKDIR that needs to be used when running the Docker image.
  5. Exposes the product ports.
  6. Defines the ENTRYPOINT.
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