This documentation is for WSO2 Data Services Server 3.2.2. View documentation for the latest release.
Advanced Query Properties - Data Services Server 3.2.2 - WSO2 Documentation
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Advanced query properties help define additional features when querying the database. This option is available when adding queries to data sources such as RDBMS. 

Query property details are described below.

Property Name



Sets a timeout for the underlying JDBC query.

Fetch Direction

Forward - rows in a result set will be processed in a forward direction; first-to-last.
Backward - the rows in a result set will be processed in reverse direction; last-to-first.

Fetch Size

The number of rows that should be fetched from the database when more rows are needed. If the fetch size is zero, the JDBC driver ignores the value and is free to make its own best guess as to what the fetch size should be. Note that the fetch size is set to a lower value in the DSS by default. However, if you expect a very large number of rows to be fetched, you should increase the fetch size accordingly (e.g. 1000) to improve performance.

Max Field Size

Maximum data size for the field.
Used to reduce the size each field takes in order to eliminate the possibility of hitting a db limit.

Max Rows

Maximum number of rows to be returned. Zero means all rows.

Force Stored Procedure

Forces the current SQl statement as a stored procedure.

Force JDBC Batch Requests

Forces to use native JDBC batch request.

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