This documentation is for WSO2 Data Services Server 3.2.2. View documentation for the latest release.
Expose data as RDF - Data Services Server 3.2.2 - WSO2 Documentation
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A data service can expose data in RDF format by setting RDF as the output mapping type. This sample demonstrates how data is exposed in RDF format using a data service deployed in WSO2 DSS.

About the sample

This sample uses an excel sheet as the datasource. The Products.xls file, stored in the <DSS_HOME>/samples/resources/ folder is used to get the data. This datasource contains details of the products manufactured in an automobile company. Products refer to cars/motorcyles. The data table has the following columns: "ID", "Name", "Classification" and "Price". The sample data service used in this demonstration (ExposeAsRDFSample.dbs) contains a REST resource which lists down all the products that are manufactured in the company.

See Data Services and Resources for details.

Building the sample

The sample data service named ExposeAsRDFSample should be deployed in the DSS instance using the instructions in Samples Setup.

Running the sample

The service can be invoked in REST-style via curl ( The following command can be executed in the command line to retrieve the product info (stored in the <DSS_HOME>/samples/resources/Products.xls file) in RDF format.

curl -X GET http://localhost:9763/services/samples/ExposeAsRDFSample/vehicles

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