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Query Result Export Sample - Data Services Server 3.2.2 - WSO2 Documentation
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The operations "thousandFive" and "incrementEmployeeSalaryEx" are used in demonstrating the query result export functionality in a data service. The query used in "thousandFive" operation exports the a result value with the name "increment". This increment value is taken in as a parameter by the query in the "incrementEmployeeSalaryEx" operation.

The figure below shows the dbs fragment that defines this behaviour:

  • employeeByNumber(1002)
  • begin_boxcar()
  • thousandFive()
  • incrementEmployeeSalaryEx(1002)
  • end_boxcar()
  • employeeByNumber(1002)

The return values from the first "employeeByNumber()" call and the second have a difference of 1500, which is the amount incremented within the boxcarring session. The 1500 value is passed into "incrementEmployeeSalaryEx" operation by the "thousandFive" operation. 

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