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RDF Sample - Data Services Server 3.2.2 - WSO2 Documentation
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RDF is a flexible and extensible way to represent information about web resources.  This sample demonstrates the usage of an RDF file as a data source for data services in WSO2 DSS.

About the sample

The RDF file (Movies.rdf), stored in the <DSS_HOME>/samples/resources/ folder contains data about some popular movies. Each movie data has the following sub elements: "title", "director", "year", "genre" and "actor". The sample data service used in this demonstration (RDFSampleService.dbs) contains two operations named getAllMovieData and getMoviesByGenre.  

See Data Services and Resources for a definition of data services and operations.

Building the sample

The sample data service named RDFSampleService should be deployed using the instructions in Samples Setup.

Executing the sample

The sample service can be run using the TryIt tool, which is bundled with the WSO2 Data Services Server, or a code-generated java client sample as discussed in the Data Services Clients section. 

Follow the steps below to demonstrate this functionality using the TryIt tool:

  1. Log in to the management console of your server and click List under Services in the navigator. The RDFSampleService will be listed here.
  2. Click Try this service to open the TryIt tool.
  3. Select the "getAllMovieData" operation and click Send to execute the request. You will get details on all movies in the response as shown below.

  4. Select the "getMoviesByGenre" operation to retrieve movie information based on the genre provided in the request.

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