This documentation is for WSO2 Data Services Server 3.2.2. View documentation for the latest release.
Upgrading from a Previous Release - Data Services Server 3.2.2 - WSO2 Documentation
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This page takes you through the steps for upgrading from DSS 3.2.1 to DSS 3.2.2. For more information on release versions, see the  Release Matrix .

If you want to migrate your Data Services Server configurations from one instance to another (such as when promoting your instance from test to production) using the same Data Services Server release, see Migrating DSS.

Preparing to upgrade 

The following prerequisites must be completed before upgrading:

The downtime is limited to the time taken for switching databases when in the production environment. 

Migrating the configurations

Since there are no database changes between these two DSS versions, you are only required to migrate the configurations and settings from DSS 3.2.1 to DSS 3.2.2 as explained below.

Updating the configuration files 

The following are the updates that need to be done to the configuration files in DSS 3.2.2:

Note that configuration files should not be copied directly between servers.

  1. Create a new database for DSS 3.2.2 and restore the backup of the old database in this new database.
  2. To connect DSS 3.2.2 to the new database, configure the following files:
    1. Configure the <DSS_HOME_3.2.2>/repository/conf/datasources/master­datasources.xml file as shown in the following example:

      user manager</description>
      <description>The datasource used for registry and
      <definition type="RDBMS">
    2. Go to the <DSS_HOME_3.2.2>/repository/conf/ directory and update the datasource references in the user-­mgt.xml and registry.xml files to match the updated configurations in the master­datasources.xml file. The following are sample configurations if the datasource is “jdbc/WSO2CarbonDB”:


      <dbConfig name="wso2registry">


  3. Check for any other configurations that were done for DSS 3.2.1 (based on your solutions), and update the configuration files in DSS 3.2.2 accordingly. For example, external user stores, caching, mounting, etc.

    Note that the properties of data services listed below have changed for all 3.x.x versions of WSO2 DSS. Therefore, if you have any .dbs files moved from an older DSS version (DSS 2.x.x version) to DSS 3.2.2, be sure to update these properties as applicable to the DSS 3.x.x versions. The following table shows how the properties have changed between DSS 2.x.x versions to DSS 3.x.x versions.

    DSS 2.x.x versionsDSS 3.x.x versions

Migrating the tenant settings and applications

You can migrate all artifacts etc. relevant to tenants by copying the following directories from the old server to the new server.

  1. Copy the following directories from the old database to the staging database.
    • To migrate the super tenant settings, copy the <DSS_HOME>/repository/deployment/server directory.
    • If multitenancy is used, copy the <DSS_HOME>/repository/tenants/ directory.
  2. Start the server.

Testing the upgrade

Verify that all the required scenarios are working as expected with DSS 3.2.2. This confirms that the upgrade is successful.

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