This documentation is for WSO2 Data Services Server 3.2.2. View documentation for the latest release.
Using Remote Registry Instances for the Registry Partitions - Data Services Server 3.2.2 - WSO2 Documentation
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You can configure and use the registry space in one of the following ways:

  • Use the registry space shipped by default with the product.
  • Use remote registry instances for different registry partitions. These partitions can also be shared across multiple product instances.

This guide explains the second option using WSO2 Governance Registry as the remote registry instance.

The registry space contains three major partitions as local, configuration and governance repositories. For more information on these partitions, see Working with the Registry. You can share two of these three partitions across multiple product instances in a typical production environment. Therefore, we identify four main deployment strategies for the three partitions as follows: 

In any of the above four sections, you can mount any WSO2 product to a remote WSO2 Governance Registry instance. Examples discussed here use JDBC-based configuration model as it is the recommended approach for a production setup.

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