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The following steps explain how to create a feature for your plug-in.

  1. Click File > New > Other and on the dialog box that appears, select Plug-in Development > Feature Project to create a new feature project.

  2. Specify the project name as com.wso2.sample.feature, define the feature properties and click Finish.

  3. In the feature.xml file of this feature, add the plug-in ID of your plug-in. This generates a feature in your plug-in, which can be installed on Eclipse Developer Studio via a P2 repo.

The feature.xml file contains all the details that are required to generate the feature. The repository folder acts as the local P2 repository for your feature (the final feature .jar file is built in the repository folder).

The Maven build process is followed for all Developer Studio features, therefore, it is recommended for you to integrate Maven into all your plug-ins, features and the repository in which you aim to generate your final feature .jar file as a local P2 repo. Include a product-tool top level pom file to build the plug-in's features and repository in order.

For more information on using the Tycho plug-in and the Developer Studio release pattern, see Working with the Eclipse Tycho Plug-In.

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