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In Eclipse, a view is a workbench element that gives a user a specific view. A view object can be created and embedded into any section on the Eclipse workbench.

The Developer Studio Kernel plug-in samples contain a sample for creating a plug-in with a simple view.

  1. Create an Eclipse plug-in using the Developer Studio Kernel plug-in samples option with the plug-in with a view template.
  2. To integrate a new view to the workbench, Eclipse has an in-built extension point to which you can add the class you define in the view. In the plugin.xml file, define that extension point as follows:

               name="WSO2 View Category"
               name="WSO2 Complex View"
  3. The class defining the view, mentioned in the extension point, should implement the org.eclipse.ui.part.ViewPart class where you can define all the part controls, action handlers and view elements. 
  4. Upon running the sample, click Window > Show View and you see the view listed as shown below,

  5. Select the view and click OK. The view appears in the View pane,

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