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Developer Studio Kernel provides a platform to implement user interfaces and editors using Web technologies (HTML, CSS and Javascript front-end with a J2EE backend or with no backend - static app). This platform utilises the SWT Browser widget and Embedded Apache Tomcat server as the base.

  • You can develop the Web app for the editor as a pure front end application (using only HTML/CSS and JS) or using J2EE - only use J2EE if you cannot do something with JS and you really need some server side processing.

  • Developer Studio Kernel provides a set of JavaScript callback functions, which you can use to communicate with the Eclipse workspace. For example, you can use these callbacks to get details about the file being opened in the editor or to read/write the content of that file, or inform Eclipse about the dirty state of content, etc.

  • As the developer of the Web app, you need to implement several javascript functions (consider them as event handlers), which will be invoked by the Web Editor Framework upon various editor events. For example, when a user invokes the save command on the editor, the framework invokes the save handler (a js function included in Web app). The same happens for redo/undo events.

  • Contract: Web Editor Framework will provide a predefined set of js functions (callbacks) and the developer of the Web app implements a predefined set of js functions (handlers).

This section contains the following topics and provides step by step instructions on how to implement an editor for Developer Studio Kernel using Web technologies:

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