This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Integrator version 6.0.0 . View documentation for the latest release in the 6.x.x family and the latest release in the 7.x.x family.

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A connector is a collection of templates that define operations users can call from their configurations to easily access specific logic for processing messages. Typically, connectors are used to wrap the API of an external service such as Twitter or Google Spreadsheet. Each connector provides operations that perform different actions in that service. For example, the Twitter connector has operations for creating a tweet, getting a user's followers, and more.

WSO2 EI supports the complete list of connectors provided with WSO2 ESB. These connectors allow your message flows to connect to and interact with services such as Twitter and Salesforce. To download a required connector, go to the WSO2 Connector Store. You can also write your own connector to provide access to other services. Before you use a connector or a custom connector with WSO2 EI, you need to add and enable the connector in your WSO2 EI instance.

The following topics provide more information on working with connectors:

In addition to the above methods, you can enable a connector by creating a configuration file in the <EI_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/synapse-configs/default/imports directory with the following configurations.

Replace the value of the name property with the name of your connector, and name the configuration file {org.wso2.carbon.connector}<CONNECTOR_NAME>.xml (e.g., {org.wso2.carbon.connector}salesforce.xml).

<import xmlns=""

To browse through the complete list of connectors and for information on configuring operations for each connector, see WSO2 Connectors Documentation

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