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The following topics describe the prerequisites to publish statistics related to business process management activities carried out by WSO2 EI in WSO2 EI Analytics.

Deploying the required artifacts

Follow the steps below to deploy the Analytics artifacts required to collect statistics related to business process management activities carried out, to analyze them and then communicate the results.

  1. Run the WSO2 EI Analytics profile. For detailed instructions on how to run WSO2 EI Analytics, see Starting EI Analytics.
  2. Access the EI Analytics Management Console via the https://<EI-ANALYTICS_HOST>:<EI-ANALYTICS_PORT>/carbon URL, and login with your credentials.
  3. In the Main tab => Carbon Applications section, click Add to open the Add Carbon Applications page. Then click Choose File and browse for the <EI_HOME>/wso2/analytics/profiles/business-process/ file. Click Open in the dialog box to select the file, and then click Upload in the Add Carbon Applications page to deploy the artifacts contained in the CAR file.

Configuring EI Business Process and Analytics profiles

Follow the steps below to enable the EI Business Process profile to publish statistics to the Analytics profile.

  1. Open the <EI_HOME>/wso2/business-process/conf/bps-analytics.xml file and set the DataPublishingEnabled property to true as shown below.


    This enables the EI Business Process profile to publish statistics to the Analytics profile.

  2. Open the  <EI_HOME>/wso2/analytics/conf/bps-analytics.xml file and set the DashboardAnalyticsEnabled property to true as shown below.


    This allows the business process management related statistics analyzed via the EI Analytics profile to be visualised in the Analytics Dashboard.

  3. Restart the WSO2 EI Analytics profile. 

In a clustered deployment, the above configurations should be done for each node in the EI cluster.

Running the WSO2 EI Business Process profile

WSO2 EI Business Process server should run simultaneously with the WSO2 EI Analytics server. For detailed instructions, see Running the Product - Starting the Business Process Server.

Configuring datasources

The datasources of the Analytics profile are by default configured with the H2 database type. If you configure them with the MSSQL database type, add the SendStringParametersAsUnicode property to the database connection URL in the data source configuration in the <API-M_ANALYTICS_HOME>/repository/conf/datasources/analytics-datasources.xml file as shown below to avoid deadlock issues that are caused when the same table row is updated in two or more sessions at the same time.


Publishing statistics

In order to generate information to be analyzed and visualised in the WSO2 Analytics Dashboard, business process related activities should be carried out in the EI Business Process profile. For more information, see Business Process Management.

Only statistics relating to completed process and task instances are published in the WSO2 Analytics Dashboard.

For the purpose of testing this functionality you can run any of the Business Process Profile Samples.

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