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Explain the basic constructs such as <import/>, <partnerLinks/>, <variables/>.

Introducing the Constructs



Used to include WSDL and XSD definitions in the BPEL definition. 


Need to define namespace prefix for the namespace of imported resource in the BPEL definition in order to refer the imported resources inside BPEL definition.



This is where the connections to external parties are defined. If there’s any external interaction, partner links should be defined for each of them.

For more details on creating partner links and invoking external parties, refer to the following tutorial in WSO2 Oxygen Tank:



BPEL variables are used to store the state of the process in the run-time. The type of a variable can be a WSDL message or XML schema definition. For more details on defining, referring and modifying variables, refer to the following tutorial in WSO2 Oxygen Tank:

Deploying the Sample

WSO2 BPS provides a HelloWorld sample which can be deployed and executed to understand some of the basic constructs discussed above. Follow the instructions below to deploy and trigger the process.

1. Log in into BPS server management console and select "Processes -> Add" under the "Main" menu.

2. Upload the <EI_HOME>/samples/business-process/bpel/ directory. 

3. In the "Deployed Processes" window, click the "Process ID" to access its "Process Information" window.

4. Under the "WSDL Details" widget, trigger the process using the "TryIt" link to create an instance of it.

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