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Human tasks provide the specification to define tasks performed by human beings. A human task processor can request the task owners to perform some tasks and act according to the response. WSO2 Carbon-based products support the use of multiple user stores and the human task engine in the EI Business Process profile also has the support to assign tasks to users in multiple user stores.

Do the following to configure this.

Adding users

In order to use this feature, you must set up multiple user stores as described in Configuring User Stores. Now you can add users to different domains (user stores). Among these user stores, one of them is considered as the primary user store and others are secondary user stores. A user or a role in a secondary user store must be referred to using the following format.

<domain name>/<username|rolename>

Assigning tasks to domain users

When you assign a task inside your humanTask package or process archive to a domain user, you must use the above format.

For example, let's assume you have ‘ClerkUser’ in the ‘’ domain and ‘managerUser’ in the primary domain. So If you are assigning any task to these users they should be referred as follows.

ClerkUser >>
managerUser >> managerUser

The management console displays these domain names in block letters. Note that these domain names are case-insensitive, and you can use any form. So, in short, users only have to refer to the users and roles correctly with the domain prefix when they are in secondary domains.

Refer Claims Approval Task with Multiple User Stores Sample section for a sample with multiple user stores.

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