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The Builder Mediator can be used to build the actual SOAP message from a message coming into the ESB profile of WSO2 Enterprise Integrator (WSO2 EI) through the Binary Relay. One usage is to use this before trying to log the actual message in case of an error. Also with the Builder Mediator in the ESB can be configured to build some of the messages while passing the others along.

In order to use the Builder mediator, BinaryRealyBuilder  should be specified as the message builder in the  <EI_HOME>/conf/axis2/axis2.xml  file for at least one content type. The message formatter specified for the same content types should be ExpandingMessageFormatter. Unlike other message builders defined in axis2.xml, the BinaryRelayBuilder works by passing through a binary stream of the received content. The Builder mediator is used in conjunction with the BinaryRelayBuilder when we require to build the binary stream into a particular content type during mediation. We can specify the message builder that should be used to build the binary stream using the Builder mediator. 

By default, Builder Mediator uses the axis2 default Message builders for the content types. Users can override those by using the optional messageBuilder configuration. For more information, see Working with Message Builders and Formatters .

Like in axis2.xml, a user has to specify the content type and the implementation class of the messageBuilder. Also, users can specify the message formatter for this content type. This is used by the ExpandingMessageFormatter to format the message before sending to the destination.


        <messageBuilder contentType="" class="" [formatterClass=""]/>

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