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Custom Message Store allows users to create a message store with their own message store implementation. It can be configured using configuration by giving the fully qualified class name of the message store implementation as the class value.

Messages will be stored as specified in the underlying message store implementation. Parameter configuration can be used to pass any configuration parameters that is needed by the message store implementation class.

UI Configuration

1. In the "Add Message Stores" tab, click "Custom Message Store" (For instructions, see Creating a Message Store). The "Add Custom Message Store" page appears with its default view.

Custom Message Store parameters:

  • Name - Unique name of the message store
  • Provider Class - Fully qualified name of the message store implementation class

2. Parameters can be added to the message store by giving a "Name" and "Value" to "Message Store Parameters" and clicking Add Parameter button.

3. Added parameters will be listed as follows.

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