This is the latest release in the 6.x.x family. For EI 7.0.0, click here.

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Prior to installing WSO2 Enterprise Integrator 6.6.0, make sure that the appropriate prerequisites are available. Verify that the computer has the supported operating system and development platforms before starting the installation.

System requirements

  • 3 GHz Dual-core Xeon/Opteron (or latest)
  • 4 GB RAM (2 GB for JVM and 2 GB for the operating system)
  • 10 GB free disk space
  • ~ Recommended minimum - 2 Cores. For high concurrencies and better performances - 4 Cores.

Disk space is based on the expected storage requirements that are calculated by considering the file uploads and the backup policies. For example, if three WSO2 product instances are running in a single machine, it requires a 4 GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM [2 GB for the operating system and 6 GB (2 GB for each WSO2 product instance)] and 30 GB of free space.

Virtual Machine (VM)
  • 2 compute units minimum (each unit having 1.0-1.2 GHz Opteron/Xeon processor)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 10 GB free disk space
  • One CPU unit for the operating system and one for the JVM.

Three WSO2 product instances running would require a VM of 4 compute units, 8 GB RAM, and 30 GB free space.
~ 512 MB heap size. This is generally sufficient to process typical SOAP messages but the requirements vary with larger message sizes and the number of messages processed concurrently.


One c5.large instance to run one WSO2 product instance.

Environment compatibility

  • When you install the product using the installer, OpenJDK is installed and configured by default. This allows you to run the product instantly without going through the process of manually configuring a JDK. 

  • If you install the product using the binary distribution instead of the installer, or if you are using the installer but want to use a JDK other than OpenJDK, be sure to point the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the new JDK. Make sure your JDK version is compatible with the current WSO2 EI version.

    If you are using the Windows OS, be sure to use lower case letters when you set the java_home variable. That is, use java_home instead of JAVA_HOME.


All WSO2 products are generally compatible with most common DBMSs. The embedded H2 database is suitable for development, testing, and some production environments. For most enterprise production environments, however, we recommend you use an industry-standard RDBMS such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL, etc. For more information, see Working with Databases in WSO2 EI. Also, we do not recommend the H2 database as a user store.

LDAPIt is not recommended to use Apache DS in a production environment due to scalability issues. Instead, use an LDAP like OpenLDAP for user management. 

See Compatibility of WSO2 Products for more information. If you have difficulty in setting up any WSO2 product in a specific platform or database, contact us.

Required applications

The following applications are required for running WSO2 Enterprise Integrator and its samples.




Download Links

Apache Ant

To compile and run the product samples.

1.7.0 or later

Web Browser

To access each product's management console. The Web Browser must be JavaScript enabled to take full advantage of the management console.

On Windows Server 2003, you must not go below the medium security level in Internet Explorer 6.x.

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