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This section explains the use of message processor in a worker-manager cluster mode. In such situations, only workers are required to process/serve client requests while managers are mainly required to carry out administration activities and synchronize the administrative information of the workers in the cluster. A message processor may be executed by one or more worker nodes.

When WSO2 EI is deployed in a clustered mode, you can increase the number of tasks for a particular message processor by specifying the task count in the message processor configuration as follows:

 <parameter name="member.count">2</parameter> 

The above sample configuration ensures that there are two tasks running for the given message processor. These tasks can be running in one or more worker nodes in the clustered setup. 

This configuration does not guarantee that the message processor task will run in all worker nodes in the clustered setup.

If the task count is less than the number of worker nodes in the cluster, the task will not run in some workers nodes. On the other hand, if the task count is larger than the worker nodes in the cluster, some worker nodes may run more than one task.

All configuration changes done to the message processor will take effect after the next EI instance/cluster restart.

Shutting down a member with one or more message processors

When a worker node on which one or more message processor tasks are running is shut down, those message processor tasks can be transferred to other worker nodes in the cluster.

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