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Note that WSO2 EI is shipped with the following changes to what is mentioned in this documentation:

  • <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/samples/ directory that includes all Integration profile samples is changed to <EI_HOME>/samples/service-bus/.
  • <PRODUCT_HOME>/repository/samples/resources/ directory that includes all artifacts related to the Integration profile samples is changed to <EI_HOME>/samples/service-bus/resources/.


This sample illustrates how the HL7 Inbound Protocol can be used to receive a simple HL7 message.


For a list of prerequisites, see Prerequisites to Start the ESB Samples.

Building the sample

The XML configuration for this sample is as follows:

Inbound HL7 Automatic Acknowledgement
<definitions xmlns="">
<inboundEndpoint xmlns=""
      <parameter name="inbound.hl7.AutoAck">true</parameter>
      <parameter name="inbound.hl7.Port">20000</parameter>
      <parameter name="inbound.hl7.TimeOut">3000</parameter>
      <parameter name="inbound.hl7.CharSet">UTF-8</parameter>
      <parameter name="inbound.hl7.ValidateMessage">false</parameter>
      <parameter name="transport.hl7.BuildInvalidMessages">false</parameter>

<sequence name="main">
	   <log level="full"/>
   <description>The main sequence for the message mediation</description>

<sequence name="fault">

This configuration file synapse_sample_905.xml is available in the <ESB_HOME>/repository/samples directory.

To build the sample

  1. Start the ESB with the sample 905 configuration. For instructions on starting a sample ESB configuration, see Starting the ESB with a sample configuration.
    The operation log keeps running until the server starts, which usually takes several seconds. Wait until the server has fully booted up and displays a message similar to "WSO2 Carbon started in n seconds."

  2. Download and install the HAPI HL7 TestPanel.

Executing the sample

The sample client used here is the HAPI HL7 TestPanel.

To execute the sample

  • Connect to the port defined in the inbound endpoint (i.e., 20000, which is the value of inbound.hl7.Port) using the HAPI HL7 TestPanel.

  • Generate and send an HL7 message using the messages dialog frame.

Analyzing the output

You will see that the ESB receives the HL7 message and logs a serialisation of this message in a SOAP envelope. You will also see that the HAPI HL7 TestPanel receives an acknowledgement.

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