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The following sections describe how to set up IBM Informix to replace the default H2 database in your WSO2 product:


Download the latest version of IBM Informix and install it on your computer.

Creating the database

Create the database and users in Informix. For instructions on creating the database and users, see Informix product documentation .

Do the following changes to the default database when creating the Informix database.

  • Define the page size as 4K or higher when creating the dbspace as shown in the following command (i.e. denoted by -k 4) :

    onspaces -c -S testspace4 -k 4 -p /usr/informix/logdir/data5.dat -o 100 -s 3000000
  • Add the following system environment variables.

    export DB_LOCALE=en_US.UTF-8
    export CLIENT_LOCALE=en_US.UTF-8
  • Create an sbspace other than the dbspace by executing the following command:

    onspaces -c -S testspace4 -k 4 -p /usr/informix/logdir/data5.dat -o 100 -s 3000000
  • Add the following entry to the <INFORMIX_HOME>/etc/onconfig file, and replace the given example sbspace name (i.e. testspace4) with your sbspace name:

    SBSPACENAME testspace4

Setting up Informix JDBC drivers

Download the Informix JDBC drivers and copy them to your WSO2 product's <PRODUCT_HOME>/lib/directory.

Use Informix JDBC driver version 3.70.JC8, 4.10.JC2 or higher.

What's next

By default, all WSO2 products are configured to use the embedded H2 database. To configure your product with IBM Informix, see Changing to IBM Informix.

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