This is the latest release in the 6.x.x family. For EI 7.0.0, click here.

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Using the latest WSO2 Integration Studio?

The instructions in this section are applicable to an older version of WSO2 Integration Studio. If you are using the latest WSO2 Integration Studio version, please refer the latest EI documentation.

The following are some common errors that you may encounter when using WSO2 Integration Studio and the way to troubleshoot and fix them.

Getting the 'Save could not be completed' error?

Are you getting the following error while trying to save the artifacts using the MacOS?

To avoid this error, Mac users need to copy the file into the Applications directory. If the Eclipse link is outside the Applications directory it does not have the permission to write files. As a result, this error is thrown.

Removing an artifact

Once you remove an artifact, you need to save and reopen the CApp .pom file. If not, the .pom file gets corrupted once the artifact is removed.

Retrieving a missing project view

If your project view suddenly goes missing, you can get it back by navigating to Window -> Perspective -> Reset Perspective from the toolbar.

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