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System Management patterns aim to monitor the amount of sent messages and their processing times without analyzing the message data, except for some fields in the message header in selected patterns. This is in contrast to Business Activity Monitoring, which directly analyzes the payload data contained in a message.

This chapter introduces various system management patterns and how each can be simulated using WSO2 ESB.

Channel Purger


Removes unwanted messages, which can disturb tests or running systems, from a channel.

Control Bus


Administers a messaging system that is distributed across multiple platforms and a wide geographic area.



Routes a message through intermediate steps to perform validation, testing, or debugging functions.


Lists all applications that the message passed through since its origination.

Message Store


Reports against message information without disturbing the loosely coupled and transient nature of a messaging system.


Tracks messages on a service that publishes reply messages to the Return Address specified by the requestor.

Test Message


Ensures the health of message processing components by preventing situations such as garbling outgoing messages due to an internal fault.

Wire Tap


Inspects messages that travel on a Point-to-Point Channel EIP.

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