This documentation is for WSO2 ELB 2.0.3. View documentation for the latest release.
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WSO2 Elastic Load Balancer

The WSO2 Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) is an enterprise-grade, lean, 100% open source, cloud-enabled approach to balance loads across your WSO2 service instances. It provides fail-over, auto-scaling and multi-tenancy, allowing services to scale automatically with dynamically changing loads.

Service-awareness in the WSO2 ELB provides a cost-effectiveness, when used not only in the cloud but also on-premise. In addition, a single load balancer can balance incoming requests to clusters of different services such as Application Servers, Business Process Servers, Mashup Servers etc. Also, tenant-awareness allows the WSO2 ELB to provide a scalable approach for balancing load across a set of tenants sharing a collection of worker nodes. Tenants can also be partitioned in various ways.

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WSO2 ELB is built on the award-winning, innovative, lean WSO2 Carbon platform and offered under Apache license 2.0, one of the most business-friendly license available today.

Getting Started

This is the official, released WSO2 Elastic Load Balancer Documentation, hosted at: The purpose of this documentation is to provide you with information for setting up, configuring and implementing the WSO2 ELB .

The following sections introduce the ELB and help you get started quickly.

About ELB   Installation Guide   User Guide 

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