This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager 1.1.0. View documentation for the latest release.
Device Operations - Enterprise Mobility Manager 1.1.0 - WSO2 Documentation
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EMM users will be able to carry out the following device manipulation operations via the EMM Console. Only users who have the required permissions will be able to carry out device manipulation operations on their devices. 

General operations

The following operations are common irrespective of the mobile OS.

Device LockAbility to lock your own device via the EMM server.
ClearAbility to remove your own device lock via the EMM server.
CameraAbility to enable or disable your own device camera via the EMM server.
Passcode PolicyAbility to set the policy of the passcode.
Set PasscodeAbility set passcode.
Enterprise WipeWhen this operation is executed, the device will be unregistered from EMM.
MessageAbility to send a message to the device via the EMM server. The EMM admin can use this device operation to send group messages or even private messages to the EMM users.

Mute Device

Ability to enable the silent profile on your own device via the EMM server.


Ability to configure Wifi on the user's device via the EMM server.


Ability to configure an email account on the user's device. This device operation is directly supported by iOS-powered devices.

Android-based operations

The following settings are only relevant to Android-powered devices.

WipeAbility to carryout a factory reset on your own device via the EMM server. The user will have to provide the PIN, which he/she entered when registering to EMM, to be able to wipe his/her device.
Encrypt StorageAbility to enable or disable data encryption on your own device when the device lock is enabled. In the event the you leave the passcode field blank, upon encryption you will be prompted to enter a passcode on your device before it is locked.

iOS-based operations

The following settings are only relevant to iOS-powered devices.


APN Configurations

Ability to set the APN configurations on a user's device. In iOS, the EMM server does not detect whether a device (i.e., iPad) has only Wifi, or whether the device has 3G and Wifi. If there is only Wifi, the APN configurations can not be pushed, and a policy violation will occur.

Google calendar

Ability to set the google calendar configurations on the user's device.


Ability to set the LDAP account configurations on the user's device.
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