This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager 2.0.1. View documentation for the latest release.
Feature Categorization for Supported Device Types - Enterprise Mobility Manager 2.0.1 - WSO2 Documentation
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WSO2 EMM currently supports iOS, Android and Windows devices. However, the device configuration features will vary based on the mobile OS. The device configuration features that are available, mobile OS wise are illustrated as follows: 

√  - feature is available on the mobile OS.

X - feature is not available on the mobile OS.

Feature Types



Passcode policy

Define a password policy for the devices.
Restrictions on CameraRestricts the usage o the camera.

Other restrictions

This is specific only for the iOS platform.

Example: restrictions on allowing Siri, AirDrop etc.

Restrict apps, device features and media content available on an iOS device.XX
Encrypt storageEncrypt data on the device, when the device is locked and make it readable when the passcode is entered.X


Ability to configure the Wi-Fi access on a device.X


Ability to configure settings for connecting to your POP or IMAP email accounts.XX
AirPlay (iOS only)Ability to configure settings for connecting to AirPlay destinations.XX
LDAPAbility to configure settings for connecting to LDAP servers.XX
CalendarAbility to configure settings for connecting to CalDAV servers.XX
Calendar SubscriptionAbility to configure settings for calendar subscriptions.XX
APNAbility to specify Access Point Names ( APN ).XX
Cellular Network (iOS only)Ability to specify Cellular Network Settings.XX
VPNAbility to specify the VPN and per app VPN settings.XX




Device Lock

Ability to lock your own device via the EMM server.


Ability to receive the location of the device.X

Mute Device

Ability to enable the silent profile on your own device via the EMM server.XX

Enterprise Wipe
(Disenroll in Windows)

When this operation is executed, the device will be unregistered from EMM.

Clear Passcode

Ability to remove your own device lock via the EMM server.X

Change Lock-Code

(LockRest in Windows)

Ability to change the provided passcode or lock-code.X

Ring (Alarm in iOS)

Ability to ring the device via the EMM server. 


Ability to send a message to the device via the EMM server. The EMM admin can use
this device operation to send group messages or even private messages to the EMM users.

Wipe Data

Ability to carryout a factory reset on your own device via the EMM server. The user will have
to provide the PIN, which he/she entered when registering to EMM, to be able to wipe his/her device.




Battery information

Provides the battery charged percentage.X

Memory information

Provides the internal and external storage information.X

Application information

Provide the list of installed application on the specific device.X

Operator information

Provides the operation log information that contains the details of successful,failed and pending operations.

Policy compliance

Provides the details of the policy that is been enforced on the device and the compliance details.


Provides the location of the deviceX
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