This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager 2.2.0. View documentation for the latest release.
Accessing the WSO2 EMM Management Console - Enterprise Mobility Manager 2.2.0 - WSO2 Documentation
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When working with WSO2 EMM, you need to primarily work with the EMM Console to administer the enrolled devices. You need to only use the EMM Management Console to install the P2 repository and create an Identity Provider in order to configure iOS.

Signing into the WSO2 EMM Management Console

Start the server before carrying out the instructions below.

Follow the instructions below to sign into the EMM Management Console:

  1. Access the EMM Management Console: https://<EMM_HOST>:<EMM_PORT>/carbon

    • By default, <EMM_HOST> is localhost. However, if you are using a public IP, the respective IP address or domain needs to be specified.
    • By default, <EMMS_PORT> has been set to 9443 for HTTPS. However, if the port offset has been incremented by n, the default port value needs to be incremented by n.

    The following interface appears:

  2. Enter your username. The default username is admin. This field is case sensitive.
  3. Enter your password. The default password is admin. This field is case sensitive.
  4. If you wish your browser to save your login details, select the Remember Password checkbox.
  5. Click Sign-in
What's next

You need to configure the P2 repository as part of the WSO2 EMM iOS configurations. For more information, see Installing WSO2 EMM iOS Features via the P2 Repository.

Signing out of the WSO2 EMM Management Console


Simply, click Sign-out.


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