This documentation is for WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus 3.0.0. View documentation for the latest release.
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The Failover Endpoints send messages to the listed endpoints with the following failover behavior. At the start the first listed endpoint is selected as the primary and all other endpoints are treated as backups. Incoming messages are always sent only to the primary endpoint. If the primary endpoint fails, next active endpoint is selected as the primary and failed endpoint is marked as inactive. Thus, it sends messages successfully as long as there is at least one active endpoint among the listed endpoints.

XML Configuration


You can configure the Failover endpoint using XML. Click on the "Switch to source view" link in the "Failover Group" page.

    <endpoint .../>+

UI Configuration

1. In the "Add Endpoint" list, click "Fail-Over Endpoint" (See Adding an Endpoint). The "Failover Endpoint" page appears.

2. In the "Endpoint Name" field enter a name for the endpoint.

3. Click "Add Endpoint."

4. A shortcut menu with the available endpoints appears.

5. Click on the endpoint you want to add as a Failover Endpoint. A tab with the fields relevant to the selected endpoint appears.

6. Enter the details (see Address Endpoint, Failover Endpoint, WSDL Endpoint). Click "Save."

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